Spencer * Services is a private practice owned and operated by me, Sarah A. Spencer.  I'm a Canadian Certified Counsellor, Registered Psychotherapist and Certified Career Strategist.  With over 10 years experience providing support to people, I offer all sorts of services related to counselling, psychotherapy, career strategy and corporate wellbeing.


The personal services I provide are geared to youth (16+) and adults.  The professional ones are geared to individuals and organizations.  All are offered either individually or in group settings depending on client needs.  They cover issues such as stress management, anxiety, depression, work/life balance, self-esteem, assertiveness, grief, relationship and communication difficulties, workplace stress, personal growth, among so many more!  

So what makes me qualified to offer these services?  I've graduated from a master's degree in counselling psychology (Athabasca University) and an undergraduate degree in psychology (Lakehead University).  Since I graduated, I've participated in professional development to keep my practice current.  I also have over 2500 hours of client work and have accessed supervision for over 150 hours.

Though I can't promise that I'll be the right professional for you or your business, I do strive to support those who reach out to me.  In many cases,  the scope and approach of my practice fits just right with the needs and personalities of those who connect with me.  In other situations, I help clients find services that work better for them.  In all cases, I offer wellness improvement options to all those who reach out to me.

For more information about my qualifications and experience, visit my Linkedin profile.

Years of Experience


Community and Social Services


Career Strategy Services


Mental Health Services


The influence of my professional and personal experiences have led me to believe we are all fallible beings. However, we are capable of imagining and realizing our potential within the reality of our contexts and the meaning we attribute to life. We are simultaneously the authors, co-authors, editors and co-editors of our thoughts, feelings and experiences not simply victims of circumstances. We possess in ourselves the ability to read and question the past chapters of our lives in order to inform and influence, if not create, what comes next in our stories. Our interaction with co-authors and co-editors can help us realize this potential. I hope to collaborate with those seeking co-authors, and in some cases their co-editors, to facilitate the writing of future chapters. Our past, present and future co-exist, but our past and present do not have to overshadow our future, they can illuminate it.

The theoretical foundation of this perspective is based on an integrative and eclectic practice inspired by modern and post-modern approaches.  For example, solution-focused practices inform my belief that clients are experts of their lived experiences and, within these experiences, have access to solutions to their concerns.  Narrative therapy inspires me to see my clients' lives as stories that can be re-imagined.  Cognitive behaviour therapy strongly influences the structure of my practice in which I encourage people to change thoughts and behaviours to make them feel better.  Finally, my practice is also impacted by common factors theory, which suggests that the most important aspect of the therapeutic process is actually how well my clients click with me and the way I approach my work.  I know that, without a positive rapport, a positive outcome is less likely.  With that in mind, I hope you'll give me a chance to try to connect with you if you're in need of support.



Need to talk about and address life concerns? Come meet Sarah for an introduction session to find out if Spencer * Services is the right fit for you.  She will give you more information about the services she offers and the benefits and risks of counselling.  Once you decide if you connect with your new counsellor, follow-up sessions can be booked according to your schedule.  Sessions can be held in-person, via telephone or online.

Need support working through some issues and are willing to work with an intern counsellor? Spencer * Services sometimes hosts therapists-in-training who are completing the final stages of their master's level training. These beginning professionals have varied levels of experiences and are supervised by a Registered Professional.  If you would like to find out if Supervised Counselling is right for you, call or e-mail to book an appointment if available.


Are you struggling and looking for guidance? Co-therapy gives you the opportunity to consult with two professionals for the price of one. In these sessions, Sarah will collaborate with an intern to provide you with therapeutic services. To find out if this service is right for you, call for more information or book an introduction session.  If you find out it works for you, follow-up sessions can be booked according to your schedule. 

Need help changing the way thoughts, emotions and behaviours are seriously affecting your wellbeing? Psychotherapy may be helpful. Book an introduction session with Sarah to learn more about how Spencer * Services may be able to provide you with support.  Once you figure out if it's the right fit for you, in-person, telephone or online follow-up sessions can be booked.  

Group Services

Spencer * Services provides psycho-education, career direction, therapeutic and support groups based on need and demand.  If you're interested in group services or have a group in need, contact Sarah for more information.  Group services can be tailored to you and your groups's needs.

Are you a student in the mental health field or a qualifying registered psychotherapist?  Spencer * Services may be able to provide you with the supervision your require to meet program and governing body requirements.  Please call or e-mail Sarah to request more information or to send your curriculum vitae for review. 

Career Strategy

Not sure what you want to do when you grow up?  Looking for work? Need help with your job search documents?  Spencer * Services can help.  Book an introduction appointment to find out how.  Some people may need just the one session.  Others book follow-up appointments to address more in-depth career concerns.

If you're looking to hire new staff, needing to downsize or wanting to make sure your staff is well, Spencer * Services may be able to help.  Call me to talk about your corporate needs.  We can talk about screening assessment , termination services, lunch-and-learns, and many more options to ensure corporate well-being.




Introduction - $67.50/session

Follow-up - $87.50/session


Supervised Counselling


Counselling provided by a master's 

level therapist-in-training

Introduction - $25/session

Follow-up - $40/session


Two therapists for the price of one (Registered Professional + Intern)

Introduction - $67.50/session

Follow-up - $87.50/session




Introduction - $67.50/session

Follow-up - $87.50/session


Group Services

Psycho-Educational, Career Direction, Support, Therapeutic and other groups

Group Session - $35/person

8-Session Series - $280/person




Practicum Student - $45/session

Registered Psychotherapist - $75/session

Group Supervision - $30/person

Peer Consultation Group - Negotiable


Career Strategy

Introduction - $55/session

Follow-up - $75/session

Resumes & Documents - $65 & up

Assessments - $160 & up

Corporate Services

Selection Services - $65 & up

Termination Support - $65 & up

Group Sessions - $150/hour

Subsidized Counselling - $87.50/session






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Appointment Hours

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Saturday  10AM – 5PM

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